Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide

Which Legend Should Feature on our Legend Banner? 1948-1960

Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide

Legends Vote Two

We have broken the club’s history down into 6 different eras and ask for you to vote for 1 legend from each. This is the second poll with the dates ranging between 1948 and 1960, some big, big names from our history in this group.

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Tuesday before the poll closes. The next four eras will be available shortly after this.


This era certainly contains some huge characters from the Rovers colourful past, including Charlie Williams, Peter Doherty, Harry Gregg and Alick Jeffrey so we’re sure the vote will be hard fought!


Lee Croft, Committee member of the DRSG, who have played a vital role in the Black Bank movement, has written an article taking a closer look at the 10 legends below. You can read that over on the DRSG website.

Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group

But the question is, who ultimately defines this period and takes the title of our second ‘Legend’? You decide!

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