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Black Bank Surfing

Following failed attempts at unfurling not one but three banners, we felt it’s probably best to use a different method for our next message. In support of our new manager Darren Ferguson we have an impressive surfing flag that will be on display tomorrow in the Black Bank.

The flag was designed by our friends at the DRSG and covers 27 square metres – that’s nearly 300 square feet for those of you unable to follow a simple metric system.

If you are part of the Black Bank tomorrow, please help us in surfing it along. If you are situated anywhere else in the stadium, we would appreciate a picture or two sending to our social media channels.

Flag design for Darren Ferguson - Black Bank

Doncaster Rovers Legends Vote Five 1990-2000

Legends Vote Five

We have broken the Rovers’s history down into 6 different eras and we’re asking you to vote for one legend from each. This is the Fifth poll with the dates ranging between 1990-2000.

This is an era many will remember but for the wrong reasons. This era saw the Rovers fall further than ever before in their history. These were the ‘dark days’, and it is in those dark times that certain players come to the fore to make it more bearable, to give us something to fight for. The question is, which Rovers Legend is the ‘beacon of hope’? Who is the warrior that kept on fighting? Who is the Legend that saw the Rovers out of the old millennia and into the new?

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Thursday before the poll closes. The last and final era of Rovers legends (2000-present day) will be available shortly after this.Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide


WINNER: Colin Cramb (160 Votes)