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Black Bank Surfing

Following failed attempts at unfurling not one but three banners, we felt it’s probably best to use a different method for our next message. In support of our new manager Darren Ferguson we have an impressive surfing flag that will be on display tomorrow in the Black Bank.

The flag was designed by our friends at the DRSG and covers 27 square metres – that’s nearly 300 square feet for those of you unable to follow a simple metric system.

If you are part of the Black Bank tomorrow, please help us in surfing it along. If you are situated anywhere else in the stadium, we would appreciate a picture or two sending to our social media channels.

Flag design for Darren Ferguson - Black Bank

Black Bank Scarves: Don’t Get Left In The Cold

On the 26th of December, Doncaster Rovers play Scunthorpe United in what is always a great local derby.

The club will be expecting a bumper crowd and Scunny always do a decent job of filling the away end.

After the success of our last Crowd Funder campaign which has seen us buy the numerous flags that adorn the Keepmoat on Matchday now, we decided that we wanted to reward everyone who has helped to make Black Bank what it is so far just in time for Christmas.

Therefore we are offering numerous packages which will see you have the opportunity to lay your hands on the first pieces of Black Bank merchandise.

If our target is met we will be providing everyone who has pledged with a Knitted Black Bank Scarf and Stickers, just in time for Christmas and for the Boxing Day Derby where you’ll have the perfect opportunity to use them. Depending on the amount you pledge we’ll also be providing you with streamers and a one off, small Black Bank Flag. All packages must be collected from the Club on Match Day or a Doncaster Address. Postage can be arranged for the required fee (inc Abroad) but cannot guarantee Christmas Delivery. 

Finally, as if this wasn’t enough, one package will win a half season ticket, for the South Stand meaning you could watch every home League game in the second half of the season for as little as £8. One other package will win a pair of Scunthorpe Tickets for Boxing Day (also South Stand).

What are you waiting for? PLEDGE NOW

Black Bank in action... drfc


Doncaster Rovers Legends Banner Vote Six: 2000 – Present Day

121 Years of Rovers history explored and here we are at the final 15 years and we are down to just 1 place left on our banner, with 16 players making the shortlist for the final vote. Who features? You decide!

This era represents arguably the most successful period in Doncaster Rovers’ history, the rise from the depths of the Conference back into the league, successfully winning Division Three at the first attempt, reaching the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup, winning the Johnstone Paint Trophy at Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium, promotion to the second tier for the first time in 50 years, a 4 year stay in Championship followed by winning the League One Title in 2013. With such an era, there will always be many, many players who have stood out in each of our memories. This shortlist, was by no means the hardest to compile and could have easily had over 25 candidates.

As the Black Bank Legends Banner is being provided by the club to represent our heritage and history, we have taken the decision to not include those players whose careers with DRFC are yet to come to an end. We know that for many the first legend on your lips would be James Coppinger, but we hope you find consolation in the fact that he already has his own giant flag, which is quite impressive and will be donning the walls of the Black Bank this coming season, this banner will hopefully complement it in adding more Rovers legends to our home.

This final vote will run until Tuesday 7th July at 8PM. This will then be followed by confirmation of the winner and a preview of all 6 Legends who have made the banner.

Doncaster Rovers Legends Vote Five 1990-2000

Legends Vote Five

We have broken the Rovers’s history down into 6 different eras and we’re asking you to vote for one legend from each. This is the Fifth poll with the dates ranging between 1990-2000.

This is an era many will remember but for the wrong reasons. This era saw the Rovers fall further than ever before in their history. These were the ‘dark days’, and it is in those dark times that certain players come to the fore to make it more bearable, to give us something to fight for. The question is, which Rovers Legend is the ‘beacon of hope’? Who is the warrior that kept on fighting? Who is the Legend that saw the Rovers out of the old millennia and into the new?

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Thursday before the poll closes. The last and final era of Rovers legends (2000-present day) will be available shortly after this.Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide


WINNER: Colin Cramb (160 Votes)

Which Legend Should Feature on our Legend Banner? 1948-1960

Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide

Legends Vote Two

We have broken the club’s history down into 6 different eras and ask for you to vote for 1 legend from each. This is the second poll with the dates ranging between 1948 and 1960, some big, big names from our history in this group.

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Tuesday before the poll closes. The next four eras will be available shortly after this.


This era certainly contains some huge characters from the Rovers colourful past, including Charlie Williams, Peter Doherty, Harry Gregg and Alick Jeffrey so we’re sure the vote will be hard fought!


Lee Croft, Committee member of the DRSG, who have played a vital role in the Black Bank movement, has written an article taking a closer look at the 10 legends below. You can read that over on the DRSG website.

Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group

But the question is, who ultimately defines this period and takes the title of our second ‘Legend’? You decide!

Which Legend Should Feature on our Legend Banner? 1879-1948

You may have seen from HERE that the club have offered to pay for a Legends Banner to don the walls of the home of the Black Bank (South Stand) next season.

We have broken the club’s history down into 6 different eras and ask for you to vote for 1 legend from each. This is the first poll with the first era for the club from our birth in 1879 through to 1948.

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Thursday before the poll slams shut. The other 5 eras will be available shortly after this. We’re taking it one at a time, each with a legend to name amongst many!


This may be the longest ‘era’ we have defined, but this is perhaps beyond most of our memory. When you also consider that this period includes many years when the club only played friendlies or in the Midland or War Leagues (during WW2) then our time as a ‘league’ football club was actually quite minimal throughout this period.

drsg logoLee Croft, Committee member of the DRSG who have played a vital role in the Black Bank movement, has written an article taking a closer look at the 10 legends below. You can read that over on the DRSG website.


But the question is, who ultimately defines this period and takes the title of our first ‘Legend’? You decide!


Legends Banner: Update

We were pleased to get a call from the club this week, thanking us for our work so far, requesting to know what we were up to and what our plans were for the start of the season. We updated them on our winning flag design and spoke at length about the idea of a Legends banner, featuring some of the players who have helped shape Doncaster Rovers throughout its history and give a nod to our heritage.
The Club let us know that they wanted to show their continued support of the Black Bank movement by funding the banner and making our idea a reality.
So we’re very proud tonight to announce the launch of the DRFC Legends Banner that will scope our existence and celebrate one player from every era.
However we now want to know who you, the fans, want to feature in the banner. Who do you want to be written into Black Bank history forever?
We’ll be featuring a poll through this site for each era over the coming weeks with each poll running for 4 days.
The categories will be as follows:
1. 1879-1948
2. 1948-1960
3. 1960-75
4. 1975-90
5. 1990-2000
6. 2000-present day.

Flag Funding Update – Total Raised So Far:

After yesterday’s collection at the game, and our Crowdfunder already hitting its target, we’ve spent the day counting pennies and totalling up. We’ve been double checking and writing bits and bobs on paper, finally we have a figure…



Remember, we still have 6 days before our Crowdfund Flag Fund comes to an end, we’ve raised so much so far, and with your help we can raise even more!

Donate now via Crowdfunder

Flag Funding update

Only 6 days to go to our Crowdfunder project comes to an end. Having already hit our initial £500 target means that we will definitely be funded.

But that hasn’t stopped us going a step further. Yesterday at the game vs Fleetwood we were around the ground prior to the game handing out leaflets promoting our cause with buckets on hand to collect any loose change. As of yet we haven’t counted up the final sum but things look very promising and we were overwhelmed with the generosity and support given. A special thanks to all those that volunteered to help.

If you haven’t seen already we have launched our first Flag Vote and we’ve seen over 350 votes cast so far for the first Black Bank flag to be created for next season. Voting is still ongoing so if you have seen a design you would like to see please vote HERE. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the cause so far, and if you haven’t donated yet you still have six days before our Crowdfunder project ends and the more money we raise, the more we can do and get done so that when you come and stand with us on the Black Bank next season, it will be awash with colour and noise so vibrant you’ll have to double check you came to the correct football ground!

Donate via our Crowdfunder HERE

Flag-Funding Update: OVERFUNDING



Incredibly our Flag Fund has hit the initial £500 in just 5 days! A huge thank you to everyone how has donated so far, your contributions have been overwhelming.

The great news is that we will continue to accept donations on our Crowdfunder Flag Fund page until April so lets see if we can double, or maybe triple the amount already in the pot. You can donate HERE

Tomorrow will see us launch the design competition for our first flag to be donned in the Black Bank next season.

Welcome all, to the Black Bank!