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Unreserved Seating in Black Bank

Unreserved Seating

The Black Bank is fully unreserved, if you have a usual spot you like to stand in we STRONGLY recommend coming in early. The club assure us the gates will open at 1:30pm promptly.

Black Bank DRFC

Also, the Black Bank is fully behind standing at football but we can’t support people standing in the gangways. This is for two reasons. Many families and children also stand in the Black Bank and therefore the gangways are needed to remain free in case of an emergency. Secondly, in the event of Keegan scoring, 500 people need unobstructed access to the pitch. Thanks for your cooperation.



YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN, SON: Black Bank is now officially FULL for the Stoke game. Quick reminder for those that haven’t been in the Black Bank before

Max and Paddy Rovers

* As the players come out of the tunnel hold the TIFO card above your head. It’s honestly that simple. Don’t swap them about / rip them up / make them into a paper airplane!

* Feel free to take a flag and wave it pre match. At full time please return it to where you found it. They’re not freebies from the club, they were paid for by the fans so don’t be a cock and try to nick one.

* You shouldn’t expect to sit down from around the middle of the stand upwards. If someone is stood in that area in front of you then either also stand or move to a seat elsewhere. It’s genuinely not rocket science.

* Sing. Don’t just turn up and enjoy the atmosphere, join in. If, after 90 minutes you can still speak you’re doing it wrong.

* Most importantly: Enjoy yourself. The buzz is back at Rovers, we’re storming up the league, the fans are about as united as is possible and the atmosphere is leaps and bounds better than its been in years.



On Saturday we’re going to try something a little different. As no doubt you’ve seen the Black Bank have brought flags, streamers, banners and colour to the Keepmoat so far this season. On Saturday we’re bringing a TIFO.

DRFC TIFO display

TIFO is the Italian word for supporting a football team, is mostly used as a name for any display by football fans in the stands.

To help us get the most out of this opportunity please read the following:

* Attached to every seat in the middle four blocks of the South Stand is a piece of A3 card.

* These cards have been carefully placed to spell out DRFC across the length of the stand, if the person in the seat next to you has a different coloured card please don’t swap them!

* As the players emerge from the tunnel please stand with the card held above your head.

* At the front of the stand there are volunteers who’ll help to direct things.

* Just before Kick Off please put the card back as best you can, we want to re-use them if possible!

These displays are paid for by you, the supporters, so we’d just like to say a massive thank you to you all. Together we’ve made a huge difference to the atmosphere. This is just the beginning!

Doncaster Rovers Legends Banner Vote Six: 2000 – Present Day

121 Years of Rovers history explored and here we are at the final 15 years and we are down to just 1 place left on our banner, with 16 players making the shortlist for the final vote. Who features? You decide!

This era represents arguably the most successful period in Doncaster Rovers’ history, the rise from the depths of the Conference back into the league, successfully winning Division Three at the first attempt, reaching the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup, winning the Johnstone Paint Trophy at Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium, promotion to the second tier for the first time in 50 years, a 4 year stay in Championship followed by winning the League One Title in 2013. With such an era, there will always be many, many players who have stood out in each of our memories. This shortlist, was by no means the hardest to compile and could have easily had over 25 candidates.

As the Black Bank Legends Banner is being provided by the club to represent our heritage and history, we have taken the decision to not include those players whose careers with DRFC are yet to come to an end. We know that for many the first legend on your lips would be James Coppinger, but we hope you find consolation in the fact that he already has his own giant flag, which is quite impressive and will be donning the walls of the Black Bank this coming season, this banner will hopefully complement it in adding more Rovers legends to our home.

This final vote will run until Tuesday 7th July at 8PM. This will then be followed by confirmation of the winner and a preview of all 6 Legends who have made the banner.

Doncaster Rovers Legends Vote Five 1990-2000

Legends Vote Five

We have broken the Rovers’s history down into 6 different eras and we’re asking you to vote for one legend from each. This is the Fifth poll with the dates ranging between 1990-2000.

This is an era many will remember but for the wrong reasons. This era saw the Rovers fall further than ever before in their history. These were the ‘dark days’, and it is in those dark times that certain players come to the fore to make it more bearable, to give us something to fight for. The question is, which Rovers Legend is the ‘beacon of hope’? Who is the warrior that kept on fighting? Who is the Legend that saw the Rovers out of the old millennia and into the new?

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Thursday before the poll closes. The last and final era of Rovers legends (2000-present day) will be available shortly after this.Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide


WINNER: Colin Cramb (160 Votes)

Which Legend Should Feature on our Legend Banner? 1960-1975

 Legends Banner: Who features? You Decide

Legends Vote Three

We have broken the club’s history down into 6 different eras and we’re asking you to vote for one legend from each. This is the third poll with the dates ranging between 1960 and 1975.

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Tuesday before the poll closes. The next four eras will be available shortly after this.

Discussion on this vote is available over on the DRSG forum.

Choose our First Flag

We have now launched our poll for our first flag, we’ve been accepting designs from fans for what they want to see in the Black Bank next season and we’ve seen fantastic generosity from our fans in helping us to raise over £500.

Now, you get the chance to vote for the flag you want to see. The Poll will be open until the Thursday 30th April.

To view larger images of the designs, right-click and select “view image”

Welcome, to the Black Bank!