Which Legend Should Feature on our Legend Banner? 1879-1948

You may have seen from HERE that the club have offered to pay for a Legends Banner to don the walls of the home of the Black Bank (South Stand) next season.

We have broken the club’s history down into 6 different eras and ask for you to vote for 1 legend from each. This is the first poll with the first era for the club from our birth in 1879 through to 1948.

Voting will be available for just 4 days between now and Thursday before the poll slams shut. The other 5 eras will be available shortly after this. We’re taking it one at a time, each with a legend to name amongst many!


This may be the longest ‘era’ we have defined, but this is perhaps beyond most of our memory. When you also consider that this period includes many years when the club only played friendlies or in the Midland or War Leagues (during WW2) then our time as a ‘league’ football club was actually quite minimal throughout this period.

drsg logoLee Croft, Committee member of the DRSG who have played a vital role in the Black Bank movement, has written an article taking a closer look at the 10 legends below. You can read that over on the DRSG website.


But the question is, who ultimately defines this period and takes the title of our first ‘Legend’? You decide!


Legends Banner: Update

We were pleased to get a call from the club this week, thanking us for our work so far, requesting to know what we were up to and what our plans were for the start of the season. We updated them on our winning flag design and spoke at length about the idea of a Legends banner, featuring some of the players who have helped shape Doncaster Rovers throughout its history and give a nod to our heritage.
The Club let us know that they wanted to show their continued support of the Black Bank movement by funding the banner and making our idea a reality.
So we’re very proud tonight to announce the launch of the DRFC Legends Banner that will scope our existence and celebrate one player from every era.
However we now want to know who you, the fans, want to feature in the banner. Who do you want to be written into Black Bank history forever?
We’ll be featuring a poll through this site for each era over the coming weeks with each poll running for 4 days.
The categories will be as follows:
1. 1879-1948
2. 1948-1960
3. 1960-75
4. 1975-90
5. 1990-2000
6. 2000-present day.

Flag Funding Update – Total Raised So Far:

After yesterday’s collection at the game, and our Crowdfunder already hitting its target, we’ve spent the day counting pennies and totalling up. We’ve been double checking and writing bits and bobs on paper, finally we have a figure…



Remember, we still have 6 days before our Crowdfund Flag Fund comes to an end, we’ve raised so much so far, and with your help we can raise even more!

Donate now via Crowdfunder

Flag Funding update

Only 6 days to go to our Crowdfunder project comes to an end. Having already hit our initial £500 target means that we will definitely be funded.

But that hasn’t stopped us going a step further. Yesterday at the game vs Fleetwood we were around the ground prior to the game handing out leaflets promoting our cause with buckets on hand to collect any loose change. As of yet we haven’t counted up the final sum but things look very promising and we were overwhelmed with the generosity and support given. A special thanks to all those that volunteered to help.

If you haven’t seen already we have launched our first Flag Vote and we’ve seen over 350 votes cast so far for the first Black Bank flag to be created for next season. Voting is still ongoing so if you have seen a design you would like to see please vote HERE. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the cause so far, and if you haven’t donated yet you still have six days before our Crowdfunder project ends and the more money we raise, the more we can do and get done so that when you come and stand with us on the Black Bank next season, it will be awash with colour and noise so vibrant you’ll have to double check you came to the correct football ground!

Donate via our Crowdfunder HERE

Choose our First Flag

We have now launched our poll for our first flag, we’ve been accepting designs from fans for what they want to see in the Black Bank next season and we’ve seen fantastic generosity from our fans in helping us to raise over £500.

Now, you get the chance to vote for the flag you want to see. The Poll will be open until the Thursday 30th April.

To view larger images of the designs, right-click and select “view image”

Welcome, to the Black Bank!

Flag-Funding Update: OVERFUNDING



Incredibly our Flag Fund has hit the initial £500 in just 5 days! A huge thank you to everyone how has donated so far, your contributions have been overwhelming.

The great news is that we will continue to accept donations on our Crowdfunder Flag Fund page until April so lets see if we can double, or maybe triple the amount already in the pot. You can donate HERE

Tomorrow will see us launch the design competition for our first flag to be donned in the Black Bank next season.

Welcome all, to the Black Bank!


Help us raise funds so we can raise the roof.

We’re now raising funds for the Black Bank section of the Polypipe South Stand next season. We want the place to be awash with colour, creating a spectacular visual that will only further enhance the atmosphere and spur us on to be louder and prouder for the boys on the pitch.

We launched our ‘crowdfunder’ Flag Fund via our Social Media channels at the weekend and the response so far has been overwhelming…

Flag Funding


Not even 4 days in and we’re nearly 75% of the way there. A huge thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and hopefully this is only the beginning of something special next season.

It doesn’t matter what area of the stadium you currently sit in, it doesn’t matter if you don’t plan to join us next season. But it does matter if you want to see and hear a fantastic atmosphere at the Keepmoat next season, an atmosphere for the players to thrive in and give 110% whilst wearing our hoops.

Every penny counts and you can donate HERE

Thanks again, and welcome to the Black Bank!


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