YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN, SON: Black Bank is now officially FULL for the Stoke game. Quick reminder for those that haven’t been in the Black Bank before

Max and Paddy Rovers

* As the players come out of the tunnel hold the TIFO card above your head. It’s honestly that simple. Don’t swap them about / rip them up / make them into a paper airplane!

* Feel free to take a flag and wave it pre match. At full time please return it to where you found it. They’re not freebies from the club, they were paid for by the fans so don’t be a cock and try to nick one.

* You shouldn’t expect to sit down from around the middle of the stand upwards. If someone is stood in that area in front of you then either also stand or move to a seat elsewhere. It’s genuinely not rocket science.

* Sing. Don’t just turn up and enjoy the atmosphere, join in. If, after 90 minutes you can still speak you’re doing it wrong.

* Most importantly: Enjoy yourself. The buzz is back at Rovers, we’re storming up the league, the fans are about as united as is possible and the atmosphere is leaps and bounds better than its been in years.

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