Image showing core area of the Black Bank

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We’re not a group, we are a collective. We’re fuelled by passion and pride. Anyone and everyone that wants to see a vibrant and exciting atmosphere at the Keepmoat Stadium is part of the Black Bank, and only with your help can we achieve our ultimate aim.

We want everyone in the South Stand to be part of a fantastic atmosphere, creating a wall of colour and ear deafening noise. We believe the best way of creating an atmosphere is organically, allowing it start in one ‘core’ section and spread right the way across.

We want to create an experience similar to that of away games, and in each away game those fans usually responsible for creating the atmosphere normally locate a prime spot in the stand. We believe we have identified that ‘core’ area marked below:

Image showing core area of the Black Bank

If you are one of these fans that show your support through noise, colour and passion then make sure you find yourself in this area of the South Stand.

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